Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Tiger Within

Trauma is rarely recognized and broadly defined as : “outside the range of human experience …that would be markedly distressing to anyone” (Levine 24).  In the natural occurrence of our days, we are met with circumstances that are outside our “normal” human experience – where and when are we taught how to cope?
The truth: we aren’t.
We are taught to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, to carry on. Often we pull on the boots but cannot take a step. And there we stay.
How freeing for us, not to victimize, but to legitimize the larger than life hurdles we clear: a declaration that perhaps would allow us to drop the emotional baggage rather than to carry it on and on into our next circumstance, our next demand for clearance. The added weight decreases our agility and can compound our immobility.
I am reading a fabulous book, Waking the Tiger, that welcomes the ability to release our tension of years ago today, by simply reclaiming and reenacting our innate ability to survive. Not to suss through emotional trauma unnecessarily, but to enact, through a scream, through a good cry,  through envisioning a successful flight from that tiger of the past, through to eventual relaxation into the sensation of our survival and freedom.

Today, acknowledge that you are a survivor. You have made it. You will continue. You will allow your freedom to be legitimized and your sovereignty to be realized.
My, you are impressive.

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