Thursday, June 30, 2011

Watch what you eat

I had a horrible salad today. It was served in guilt.
I have never felt so sick, or was able to feel the negativity of emotions so quickly. It gave me some food for thought.

What am I serving myself? How do I ingest my day? What do I salt and pepper my experiences with? Gratitude or Despair?
When I see something I don't like, do I chew and chew and chew it, over and over and over and over to gestate it into my very cells, or do I say, "Oh, thanks I'm full," and bypass the indigestible meal. 

Do I stoke my personal fire of self confidence, so I may digest anything around me quickly, letting it dissipate and disappear into the flames? [In Ayurveda, this is Agni, the digestive fire. It is responsible for everything we ingest: emotional, spiritual and physical.] Am I eating from all the food groups that will nourish my being or am I snacking on treats that will leave me fatigued and flat? Am I cooking my own meals? Do I see that I am the chef and I have the right to choose my own ingredients? Do I trust my culinary skills?

The next time you walk up to someone else's buffet, consult your palate before consuming.

May this new moon awaken the inner flame of you.

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