Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Kahili Ginger

“Let me take a moment to digest.”
Please do.
As many, I have been sifting and sorting through my stack of memories and expectations for the next chapter of my life. Normally, this would be attached to a definitive moment, other, or circumstance; rather, I am simply sailing through the peaks and valleys of the last decade and looking for the, well the peaks and valleys. How long does life’s current stay at a neutral plateau? If we are in touch with our life pulse, we know that it is always in flux, a wave, a momentary stillpoint: then resurgence, an expansion.
In preparation for this next movement, I have upped my yoga practice; more carefully considered my daily nurturance – in food and thought – and have turned to my trusted plant Devas for inspiration and support.
As I started to deeply cleanse my diet, I noticed a little stagnancy in my digestion, barely perceivable, I imagine, to the outside eye, but I noticed.
I reached for my Wisdom of the Earth (email if you have essential oil questions) Ginger, a trusted friend of digestion.
This time, I decided to spend more time with her. Curled up on the couch, I read: Ginger assists in the acceptance and movement of Forgiveness.
Wait, what? I thought Ginger was a simple digestive aide.
Forgiveness.  If we are not forgiving of our imperfections, of the flow, we stagnate. We stop movement. We calcify. We have given our system something to hold on to: Here, remember this. We don’t like him/her because he/she has _________________.
And stomach says, are we digesting a delicious fresh market sandwich, with the picture perfect avocado, or am I digesting judgment? I guess both: ouch.
This does not mean to forget our boundaries, our self respect. It means to balance self love and selfless compassion.
Not much of a juggler? Learn.
The alternatives are disrupted ease in the body: dis-ease.
In many healing arts, the belly holds the fire, the resolve, the center for health. If our Agni (digestive fire of emotional, physical and spiritual) is not high and cannot transmute the material (avocado or anger) then we create ama  (“uncooked” or “undigested” in Sanskrit also known, euphemistically as "junk" or "toxins," ) that builds up and spills over, much like our personal quarrels, contaminating and muddying the waters of our clarity.
So, grate some fresh ginger on your salad, or your peanut sauce noodles. Simmer an inch of ginger in fresh and appreciated water to make a tea. Or rub 3-5 drops of ginger essential oil on your belly, and read about Ho`oponopono, the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness, of setting things right, within ourselves and the world around us.
Take a nibble of plain old forgiveness  - without expectation. Feel what it tastes like. Let your body order what it wants, you may be surprised at what is on the menu.

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