Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Beat at a Time

I have been busy.

A little busy making and a little legitimately tasked. This is normally when I stop doing the sensible things that keep me on track; when things like walking my dog along Kealia beach seems to be a distraction rather than necessary exercise and natural de-stressor; when caffeine intake increases, and so can other habits:  "I'll take the coconut muffin with that, to go."   'Tis the season you know.

But I live on Hawaii. What's my excuse? So I woke up early this morning for a nice long yoga practice,  not exceptionally difficult, just a reverent, fluid practice. And as I came out of Salambhasana  (Locust Pose) to rest, before rising again. I heard my heart beat. And I realized, I couldn't remember the last time I had listened to that sound.

I had listened to the new Michael Franti cd; I had listened to my friend's complaints about her co-workers; I
had listened to students ask about their last paper, but I could not remember the last time I had heard the unmistakable drum of my own heart. The very drumbeat of my existence. One missing thump and my whole life would change. Then what would I have time for?

This morning I made the time to actually listen. It was so simple; I was astounded.
That's all it takes.  One heart beat at a time.

If you are interested in meditations of the heart, just ask.


Susan Zoƫ said...

So true Kate. So true.

Wisdom of One said...

Gracias Mamacita. So nice to see your name.