Sunday, August 23, 2009

Creating your Reality

Yogi Bhajan was known to comment on his “obstacles” with endearment. Stating, that if he didn’t enjoy [said predicament] he would never have created it. When you look at your environment and consider yourself as a co-creator of the circumstances that you are in there is a shift on many levels. What happens when the other person, the external factor is no longer separate from you, but perhaps very intimately connected? This alone can send the mind reeling.

Following along those same slippery lines…There is much talk about manifesting these days, as well as the collapsing economy. A lot of woulds, coulds and shoulds. Better not do this; can’t afford to do that; what if I dared to do what I wanted. Where WILL the money come from? Et cetra. I recently plopped down to feel through an abundance exercise and when I silently uttered the words, “I am now a millionaire” I felt a surging amount of resistance; thankfully, so much resistance that I could not not notice it. When I felt through the resistance, what I uncovered was: Fear of my own power. If I was a millionaire, where would my excuses go? I could spend my whole day in service; I could spend more time with my loved ones, be slower with my word choices, more nourishing with my diet, and more fearless with my life.

If I had all the money, I desired, would I do all the things I claim I would? Is it possible that I have prevented the flow of money, because I enjoy the safety of not having to do something because I “don’t have the money for that.”

What about you?


There are so many gifts
Still unopened from your birthday,
There are so many hand-crafted presents
That have been sent to you by God.

The Beloved does not mind repeating,
"Everything I have is also yours."

Please forgive Hafiz and the Friend
If we break into a sweet laughter
When your heart complains of being thirsty
When ages agoEvery cell in your soul
Capsized foreverInto this infinite golden sea.

A lover's pain is like holding one's breath
Too long In the middle of a vital performance,
In the middle of one of Creation's favoriteSongs.

Indeed, a lover's pain is this sleeping,
This sleeping, When God just rolled over and gave you
Such a big good-morning kiss!

There are so many gifts, my dear,
Still unopened from your birthday.

O, there are so many hand-crafted presents
That have been sent to your life
From God.

~ Hafiz ~

Yogi Bhajan Lecture
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Susan Zoë said...

Love this Kate...create create create...obstacles and flows....hmmmm, thanks for the thought. Your writing is beautiful. Namaste.

Wisdom of One said...

Hi Sweetie --- thank you. It is all about the flow these days. Pardon me for just getting to your words now. Mahalos.