Sunday, March 29, 2009

All work and no play....

I found the following link on NPR and was jutted into the cross-current of two emotional streams: first, gratitude that these children were surrounded by adults that actually wanted to teach and shape these young minds; second, incredulity that humanity has strayed so far away from commonsense and the simple roots of being human that we need to be reminded that kids need to play.

It is astounding to me that commonsense has fled the scene of the classroom. Parents, guardians, grandparents, perplexed business owners, and every day civilians are flabbergasted at "these kids today," but how much do they truly know? Very few people understand what the educational and social landscape is like for these kids. This is but one slice of what is missing, and thankfully being reinstituted in this California school, from the lives of children.

Oakland Group Seeks More Play In School Day

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All Things Considered, March 19, 2009 · Shrinking budgets and strict academic mandates prompted California schools to cut gym classes and cut back on recess time. Now, an Oakland-based nonprofit is trying to put more focus on fitness.

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